As a Charity Department Store- We at Chaos Storehouse offer you the opportunity to Donate to Emergency Storehouses

Simply put, you have the option to buy for yourself, or buy as a Donation to help those in need.  Those in crisis such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake could have used storehouses full of donated goods that can be distributed to affected communities.  People in a house fire might need high quality affordable bandages and replacement bandages to nurse their wounds for months at a time.  We will store donated goods in as many locations as possible and then in crisis distribute those goods out to those in need.  Below are some healthcare solutions for you in emergency short term and long term chronic conditions.

We don't have donate options, right now.

So, for now when you buy something, just put in the note you are donating if you are donating in the notes/special instructions option at checkout.  If you are donating we will then store the object you have purchased for donation until the time when someone needs it.